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Carlingford Has So Much To Offer


Iconic Structures, Entertaining Taverns & Activites

Taaffes Castle Pub

Castle Turned Traditional Irish Pub & More

If you want to feel like a king you really should get a castle – or at least go for a drink in one.

The wonderful, rugged medieval remnants of Taaffe’s Castle bar make for spectacular exterior, not to mention one of the most charismatic beer gardens around. You will also get a right royal welcome inside from the staff.It is hard to miss the place – the towering 16th century grey stone keep of the fortification stands supremely in the centre of Carlingford, just across the border in Co Louth.

However when you enter through the adjacent quaint village pub where cozy traditional elements such as the soothing coal fire and old black and white pictures stare -back at the central curving bar. In contrast to its spectacular sidekick outside – the main bar on the corner of Market Street and Newry Street tales on an enjoyable, but less grandiose, style.It is very much in keeping with the rural, cottage-style bars of the 1950’s in which sitting with a creamy pint of plain’ comes easy.

You are much better off hanging around the too beer gardens, whether it be the courtyard or the “secret garden” within the castle walls.
The garden is a great chill-out spot, where live bands are the order of the day throughout the summer and groups can even request a barbecue if they give advance notice. Therefore you can dine, as well as live like a king.


full of adventure & fun memories

Looking for even more great & exciting outdoor activities, Carlingford has tons to offer along with its stunning views.

Carlingford Adventure Centre & Skypark located close by offer even more options like Laser Combat, Ziptopia, Rock Climbing, Orienteering, Hillwalking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Water Trampoline, Raft Building, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Footgolf,  High Ropes, Archery, Frisbee Disc Golf  to mention just a few.

With so many activities and adventures Carlingford has so many memories just waiting to be made whether your visiting for a few hours, a day, a weekend or longer you can be sure you and your family will have so much to enjoy.

We do recommend you bring clothes or all the seasons because as beautiful and fun Carlingford is its always a good idea to pack layers for Irelands unpredictable weather.

Carlingford Castle Tours

Carlingford lies in the shade of Slieve Foye, a mountain that in legend takes its form from the body of the sleeping giant Finn MacCumhaill. The castle dominates the town and overlooks the lough harbour. It was a vital point of defence for the area for centuries.

Carlingford Castle was built around 1190, most likely by the Norman baron Hugh de Lacy. By this time Hugh’s family had grown powerful enough to make King John of England uneasy. John forced them into rebellion and seized their property in 1210. He reputedly stayed in his new castle himself. It is still known as King John’s Castle.

The Jacobites fired on the castle in 1689; William of Orange is said to have accommodated his wounded soldiers there following the Battle of the Boyne.

Carlingford Lough Heritage Trust provides excellent guided tours of this historic Castle from March to October.

Experience Natures Beauty

Explore the best that Carlingford and the Cooley Peninsula has to offer with Carlingford Bike Hire.